Analytics & Reporting

Unified analytics and reporting inform smarter decisions.

Consolidate all of your call, order and interaction data to provide greater
insight into your sales and service performance.

SingleComm Real-time Reports Screenshot

The SingleComm platform delivers information through Real-Time Dashboards and Historical Reports. These reports are intelligently designed and can be configured to render data in multiple ways. Reports can be saved per user to make it easy to manage information important to individuals through out your organization. Rights can be distributed and limitations can be set for different users so that privacy and security are attained without sacrificing the ability to give access to the people that need it, your clients, your employees and your management.

Different users have different needs for information. With our easy to use interface, the ability to easily render information the way that each user needs it is a snap. Analysts may need to visualize data where as an executive may need a more interactive report or a customer service representative may simply need to share a “pretty” report with a customer. All is attainable with SingleComm’s Analytical Solution.

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