Dynamic Script

Take Control of Your Script Creation & Deployment!

Traditionally, contact centers and marketers embark on complex, time consuming and costly programming projects to build scripts. These scripts are used to ensure their agents communicate accurate information to customers and collect the correct information to provide consistent service or make sales. The SingleComm solution dramatically cuts down the cost and time associated with building, updating and deploying scripts into a live environment. Users of all types can now easily build and deploy their own dynamic branching scripts – without programming.

SingleComm Script Builder Graph

Quick Overview

Visualize Your Script

At its core, our script builder is a simple flow chart which takes a series of forms (called slides) and presents them to an agent in a particular order.

SingleComm Script Builder Nodes

Create Your Own Flow

Building your flow is easy! Drag and drop a few slides and connect them up for an instant multi-page script.

SingleComm Script Builder Branching

Specialized field creation

Customize your scripts with radio buttons, check boxes, dropdown and much more. Create the look, feel and intelligent script design you want so your agents have an easy navigation experience your consumers will certainly notice.

SingleComm Script Builder Field Selector

Built-in Logic Control

Our intuitive logic control tool allows a relaxed way to add logic layers into the scripts that you create.

SingleComm Script Builder Logic Control

The Future is here...

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