CX Create

Take Control of Your Workspace

Reduce the cost and time associated with scripting by allowing users to build, update, and deploy their own dynamic Commflows - without programming. Real time flows provide agents with the necessary tools to communicate and gather accurate information from customers while providing consistent service or making sales.

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Quick Overview

Visualize Your Workspace

At its core, our CX Space builder is a simple flow chart which takes a series of forms (called slides) and presents them to an agent in a particular order.

Create Your Own Flow

Building your flow is easy! Drag and drop a few slides and connect them up for an instant multipage CX Space.

Specialized Field Creation

Customize your CX Spaces with radio buttons, check boxes, and dropdowns for an easy navigation experience your agents and consumers will appreciate.

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Real-time updates

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Dozens of field and input options

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Instant script deployments

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User-defined dispositions for every possible outcome

Upgrade your contact center.

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